When the weather is beautiful in New Jersey, relaxing on the patio is more comfortable than hiding indoors. A patio is an extension of your house and is the perfect place to hang out with family or friends. Whether you are sharing a meal, conversation, or enjoying each other's company, nothing beats the comfort of being outdoors, but just within your compound.

At Evergreen Landscaping, we offer premium patio installation services in Southern NJ. Our gorgeous patio designs transform your backyard into a marvelous outdoor living space. With our diverse building options and immense expertise, you are guaranteed stunning results whether you want to build a new patio or remodel your current space. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


Adding a patio to your home is one of the best ways to enhance your outdoor living space. A well-built patio acts as an outdoor room. You may put some furniture there or even cover the space to shield it from falling leaves and precipitation. You could also go a step further and add a fireplace to ensure the patio is usable during all four seasons.


Patio installation immediately improves your home's curb appeal, raising its value. The National Association of Home Builders states that well-made exterior spaces could make a home sell faster and at a higher price.

A patio can be a terrific entertainment venue in your residence because it has plenty of room for people to spread out. Modern designs include fireplaces to provide warmth and serenity when the evenings get cold. To make the space more functional, you could add a fireplace, grill, and roofing to protect the electric appliances.


While patio installation in Southern NJ may seem simple, it is a huge project requiring professional help for the best results. Evergreen Landscaping has been designing and installing patios in this region for the last ten years, and we are always driven by honesty and professionalism.

Below is our process of ensuring you have a beautiful and functional patio.

Initial Consultation and Design Planning

We will listen to and discuss your ideas, preferences, and requirements during this stage. This is crucial in ensuring the outdoor patio design aligns with your vision. We will then assess the site and create a design that outlines the structure's layout, materials, and features.


We can install patios using various materials, including bricks, tiles, pavers, stones, and other durable and aesthetically pleasing materials. We procure premium materials from trustworthy suppliers to ensure durability, longevity, and visual appeal. During this stage, we also begin clearing obstacles, leveling the ground, and laying down a proper base to give your patio a stable foundation.

Installation Timeline & Procedures

We will give you a clear timeline outlining all patio installation project phases. Our professional installers are attentive to all details, follow industry best practices, and use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver an incredibly appealing patio.

Post-installation Maintenance Tips

Once construction is complete, we will inform you about the necessary drying or curing times and when to start using the structure. Then, we will give you guidelines on keeping the patio looking great and protection mechanisms during different seasons. We will also inform you about how to handle minor repairs, reseal the surface, and when to call us for professional maintenance.

Contact Evergreen Landscaping for Patio Installation

There is no room for mistakes when investing your hard-earned money into a fabulous outdoor living structure. At Evergreen Landscaping, we always do our best to ensure our clients get a patio that genuinely complements their house and serves all their needs. Contact us today for a free consultation!